Wonderful Living Room Daybed day bed set up like living room home spare room Wonderful Living Daybed Room

Wonderful Living Room Daybed Day Bed Set Up Like Living Room Home Spare Room Wonderful Living Daybed Room

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Design tips!


PAPPIOUS DINING ROOMS - IN THE PAST. If the house has a separate dining room, then for unknown reasons they seek to make it as grandiose as possible. Probably, guided by associations with ancient castles, where the whole family decorously ate food several times a day. But times have changed, and in a heavy and pathos atmosphere, a modern person will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is better to strive to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the dining room.


ACCENT WALL INSTEAD OF FULL REPAIR. If the existing color scheme of the room is tired, then completely repainting the walls is not necessary. Try creating an accent wall by painting it in a contrasting shade. It will take a couple of hours, and the effect of the update will be noticeable.

Third advice:

PICTURES OR POSTERS - AT THE LEVEL OF VIEW. The optimal height for placing paintings or posters is at the height of the eye, that is, approximately 1.6 m from the floor. If a group of images is placed on the wall, then at the level of view it is worth hanging the central element of such a decorative composition.

Fourth tip:

LITERATURE CHOICE OF LUMINAIRES TO THE KITCHEN OR LIVING ROOM. The kitchen or living room is not only the usual parts of the living space, but also the premises where friendly or family gatherings take place. Therefore, competent lighting is especially important here. Do not hang the lights too low, otherwise they make a depressing impression. The optimal distance from the chandelier to the countertop is about 80-90 cm with a standard ceiling height. It is also better to opt for fixtures whose width is from a third to half the width of the countertop.