Remarkable Beautiful Kitchen Design beautiful kitchen design 5 simple steps case design blog Kitchen Beautiful Remarkable Design

Remarkable Beautiful Kitchen Design Beautiful Kitchen Design 5 Simple Steps Case Design Blog Kitchen Beautiful Remarkable Design

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Design tips!


WANT TO CHOOSE A STYLE FOR A DECOR - TAKE A LOOK AT THE CLOTHES OF THE HOUSING HOUSES. One of the ways that professionals use to choose the style and concept of decoration is to pay attention to the casual clothes of the owners of the house. This will tell a lot about their personal preferences and help decorate the space so that customers like it.


MORE CONTRAST. The abundance of monotonous shapes and colors can spoil almost any interior. Therefore, do not be afraid to use decor that contrasts with the decor and stands out against its background.

Third advice:

FACTOR IS INTEGRAL FROM COLOR. Most books on design and decor show a tendency to separate color from texture. So, for the interior they think over the color scheme, but no one thinks about the texture map. Professional decorators recommend initially considering color and texture in relation to each other. After all, the texture affects the balance of light and shadow, and therefore the perception of color.

Fourth tip:

WINDOW DECOR FOR RULES. Competent window decoration is able to cope not only with aesthetic, but also with practical tasks. So, if you hang the cornice 5-10 cm above the window opening, then visually the height of the window will increase. In a similar way, you can increase the width of the opening. To do this, choose a cornice, the length of which on each side of the window is 10-25 cm longer than necessary. Such techniques will not only increase the window, but also visually make the room more spacious and brighter.