Marvellous Purple Bathroom Ideas purple bathroom decor pictures ideas tips from hgtv hgtv Purple Ideas Bathroom Marvellous

Marvellous Purple Bathroom Ideas Purple Bathroom Decor Pictures Ideas Tips From Hgtv Hgtv Purple Ideas Bathroom Marvellous

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Design tips!


EXPERIMENTS WITHOUT FEAR. It often happens that things in reality do not look like in the picture. But such a discrepancy should not become a cause for grief. On the contrary, take it as a pleasant challenge that encourages improvisation.


BALANCE BETWEEN VIOLATION AND COMPLIANCE WITH THE RULES. To create a truly outstanding room in terms of decor, you have to step over a number of rules. But there are laws that are strictly not recommended to be violated. For example, among them are the rules for mixing prints, the non-observance of which will make any interior disharmonious.

Third advice:

PERFECT SYMMETRY - NOT PERFECT. A completely symmetrical room, equal parts of which look like a mirror image of each other, is perceived as uncomfortable to be in it. Therefore, in such a room must be present at least one asymmetric element. For example, a picture on the wall or sconces.

Fourth tip:

LAWS FOR A WALL DECOR COLLECTION. If the wall is decorated with several photos, plates or large-sized posters, then between them there should be 8-10 cm of free space. Place the small decor closer to each other. Between the wall decor and large pieces of furniture under it is better to leave 15-25 cm of an empty wall.