Marvellous Purple Bathroom Ideas color guide purple bathroom ideas and designs bathroom Ideas Purple Marvellous Bathroom

Marvellous Purple Bathroom Ideas Color Guide Purple Bathroom Ideas And Designs Bathroom Ideas Purple Marvellous Bathroom

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Design tips!


LEAVE SPACE FOR MANEUVERS. As practice shows, to fully plan the upcoming purchases of decor and strictly adhere to this plan is an almost impossible task. Therefore, it is better to leave a little free space, which will take the fruits of impulsive purchases.


EXPERIMENTS WITHOUT FEAR. It often happens that things in reality do not look like in the picture. But such a discrepancy should not become a cause for grief. On the contrary, take it as a pleasant challenge that encourages improvisation.

Third advice:

THE CONTENT OF THE DECOR IS AT LEAST IMPORTANT THAN ITS FORM. In order to choose a decor that fits harmoniously into the interior, a good decorator should know how and what it is made of. After all, the content is invariably reflected in the form. For example, putting a flower pot on the window from material that is not resistant to fading, after a couple of months you can find it has lost its original color.

Fourth tip:

ART OBJECT OWN HANDS. If you have an artistic flair, it’s quite possible to do an interesting thing that claims to be the subject of art on your own. It can be a collage from your own photos, a picture, a poster or a sculpture from papier-mâché. Make your work the visual center of the room by placing it on a pedestal. If the necessary creative skills are missing, then get a ready-made art object. True, this pleasure is not cheap. The art object will make the interior unique and free from the need to purchase numerous small decor.