Kitchen Dining Room Layout interior design ideas home bunch an interior design Layout Room Dining Kitchen

Kitchen Dining Room Layout Interior Design Ideas Home Bunch An Interior Design Layout Room Dining Kitchen

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Design tips!


FURNITURE ITEMS: FIND GENERAL IN VARIOUS. If the room contains furniture from different sets, it is important that some common features are present in its design. It can be the color of the upholstery, the material or the shape of the legs. Otherwise, the integrity of the interior will be compromised.


CUSTOMER'S WISHES - DO NOT DISTURB, AND HELP. A professional decorator considers working with a difficult customer not as bad luck, but as an opportunity to increase his own efficiency. A demanding customer who is difficult to please stimulates the search for innovative solutions.

Third advice:

CHOOSE ONE OF THREE PRINCIPLES OF FURNITURE SETUP. Everyone knows that it is better to refuse to place furniture along the walls. But what are the alternatives? The first option is a symmetrical arrangement, that is, around a certain point in the room (for example, the center of a room or window). The second is asymmetric, that is, not amenable to logic. The third is a circular arrangement, which differs from symmetrical in that the reference point may be a minor interior detail. For example, a chandelier or drawing on the carpet.

Fourth tip:

FACTOR IS INTEGRAL FROM COLOR. Most books on design and decor show a tendency to separate color from texture. So, for the interior they think over the color scheme, but no one thinks about the texture map. Professional decorators recommend initially considering color and texture in relation to each other. After all, the texture affects the balance of light and shadow, and therefore the perception of color.