Kitchen Dining Room Layout 25 best small open plan kitchen living room design ideas Kitchen Room Dining Layout

Kitchen Dining Room Layout 25 Best Small Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas Kitchen Room Dining Layout

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Design tips!


LESS COLORS - PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE. Staying in the living space, where the entire color palette is collected, causes concern and anxiety. Therefore, if you want to create a pleasant and soothing interior, limit the number of colors used in it.


MORE FANTASY WHEN CHOOSING PLACES FOR ART SUBJECTS. The picture hanging over the sofa is a standard variant of interior decoration with paintings. But in this case, she is behind the back of most people in the room. Select for the picture a place where they will really look at it. For example, in the corridor.

Third advice:

GOOD TASTE - THIS CONDITION. At first glance, the concept of "good taste" is fundamental in the design and decoration of the interior. But in reality it is conditional. It is better to focus not on observing the boundaries of good taste, but on whether a particular decorating solution is suitable for a particular room.

Fourth tip:

CARPET OF RIGHT SIZES - WHAT IS IT? Too small or large carpet can disrupt the proportionality of the interior. Therefore, professional decorators are guided by a number of rules when choosing a carpet. The carpet under the dining table should be wide enough so that the rear legs of the retracted chairs are on it. Under the bed, it is necessary to place a mat protruding from under it by 40-60 cm. Otherwise, getting out of bed, you have to step on your feet on a cold floor. Another important point: regardless of the size of the room, the carpet should not come close to its walls. If the room is large, then 30-45 cm of floor remains free from the carpet, small - up to 20 cm.