Figure Recruitment and Selection. Used to attract and hire new employees who have the abilities, skills, and experiences that will help an organization achieve its goals. Training and Development. Ensures that organizational members develop the skills and abilities that will enable them to perform their jobs effectively in the present and the future. Changes in technology and the environment require that organizational members learn new techniques and ways of working. Performance Appraisal and Feedback. Provides managers with the information they need to make good human resources decisions about how to train, motivate, and reward organizational members. Feedback from performance appraisal serves a developmental purpose for members of an organization. Pay and Benefits. Rewarding high performing organizational members with raises, bonuses and recognition. Increased pay provides additional incentive. Benefits, such as health insurance, reward membership in firm. Labor relations. Steps that managers take to develop and maintain good working relationships with the labor unions that may represent their employees’ interests.

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