It is the largest North American heron and, among all extant herons, it is surpassed only by the goliath heron (Ardea goliath) and the white-bellied heron (Ardea insignis). It has head-to-tail length of 91–137 cm (36–54 in), a wingspan of 167–201 cm (66–79 in), a height of 115–138 cm (45–54 in), and a weight of 1. 82–3. 6 kg (4. 0–7. 9 lb). In British Columbia, adult males averaged 2. 48 kg (5. 5 lb) and adult females 2. 11 kg (4. 7 lb). In Nova Scotia and New England, adult herons of both sexes averaged 2. 23 kg (4. 9 lb), while in Oregon, both sexes averaged 2. 09 kg (4. 6 lb) Thus, great blue herons are roughly twice as heavy as great egrets (Ardea alba), although only slightly taller than them, but they can weigh about half as much as a large goliath heron.