Elegant Glass Colourful Mozaic Design For Modern Kitchen

Elegant glass was at least partially hand made during production. Elegant glass manufacturers produced vibrant colors that varied far more than Depression Glass. Shades of red, blue, green, amber, yellow, smoke, amethyst, and pink were produced. An easy way to compare the difference in color quality is to take a look at a piece of cobalt Elegant glass and place it alongside a piece of cobalt Depression Glass. The intensity of the former piece is quite evident. Pressed Elegant glass was fire polished to get rid of the flaws in the glass. The normal flaws found in pressed glass – straw marks, raised seams, etc. were removed. The base of bowls, platters, etc. was ground so it would sit evenly on a table. Many patterns of Elegant glass were embellished with acid etching, cutting, enamel decoration, gold encrustation, platinum and gold trim.