Country Style Dining Room Furniture

Country Style has been in business since 1963 when it opened its first location in Toronto. Donut stores only accounted for about 17% of donut sales in Canada at that time so there was still a lot of room for growth teaming up with mr. subs and other mty banners. Country Style experienced a lot of growth early on, opening 100 stores in the first 15–20 years of existence. It had 50 outlets in 1974 when it was the leading coffee and donut establishment in Canada above Tim Hortons (which passed it two years later). It began to expand into Western Canada in the 1970s (including Vancouver and Calgary) and the East in the early 1980s. Poor results caused the franchise to withdraw from these regions: locations in Alberta were the only ones to survive into the 1990s, while in the East, it was ones in Nova Scotia and PEI.