Breathtaking Living Room Flat interior design beautiful apartment design with large Living Flat Room Breathtaking

Breathtaking Living Room Flat Interior Design Beautiful Apartment Design With Large Living Flat Room Breathtaking

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Design tips!


BATTLE MASSES DESTROY THE ROOM ADVANTAGES. Many small decorative details make it impossible to focus on the features of the interior or architectural features of the room. But if the task is to distract attention from the old decoration or furniture, then an extensive collection of decor can help.


MORE FANTASY WHEN CHOOSING PLACES FOR ART SUBJECTS. The picture hanging over the sofa is a standard variant of interior decoration with paintings. But in this case, she is behind the back of most people in the room. Select for the picture a place where they will really look at it. For example, in the corridor.

Third advice:

LEARN THE COMBINATION OF FLOWERS FROM GREAT ARTISTS. If you have problems with self-selection of colors or using the classic color wheel seems too boring, then try to use the color scheme of paintings by great artists as an example. Choose the masters that are closer to you - Matisse, Monet, Klimt ... The list goes on and on.

Fourth tip:

FACTOR IS INTEGRAL FROM COLOR. Most books on design and decor show a tendency to separate color from texture. So, for the interior they think over the color scheme, but no one thinks about the texture map. Professional decorators recommend initially considering color and texture in relation to each other. After all, the texture affects the balance of light and shadow, and therefore the perception of color.